"Stuck" solo show

Ece Ağırtmış's first solo show  "Stuck" will be opened at Pilot Gallery.

Dates: To be announced


According to Ece Ağırtmış, the first shape that comes to mind through difficult times, a border, and stuckness is the square. She associated the square shape with all the lives and emotions stuck in it.
The show tells about being stuck between 4 walls where the right answer cannot be found and there is no way out.

We can see the happy side of Ece that she reflects on the works, by handling this depressive, inextricable difficult situation in a very colorful and ironic way.


You can reach the updates and information about the show through the QR codes that will be located around Berlin, Amsterdam, and Istanbul.


Ece Ağırtmış


Pilot Galeri


Siraselviler Caddesi. No:83/2

Visiting Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday between 12:00 a.m./ 6:00 p.m.

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