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"Ece Ağırtmış (1995) is an Istanbul-based artist. Ağırtmış creates three-dimensional wooden sculptures based on two-dimensional drawings by fusing her childhood-reflecting drawings with her distinctive color scale.


The artist's use of wood as a medium and the sources of her inspiration contribute to the recurring sense of nostalgia in her works. Invoking both the audience's and the artist's own pasts, the wooden touch of vintage toys and the vibrant world of cartoons and animation offer a voyage. The universe established by the artist becomes a shared memory between the audience and the artist when they interact with the Ağırtmış’s works, which causes the audience to feel an inexplicable familiarity with the works. From the perspective of the artist, irony and small nuances that we overlook in everyday life or that we have grown accustomed to from popular culture merge to generate a fresh sense of humor. Moments that are regarded as unfavorable are transformed into an experience that makes the audience smile and provides different perspectives with the touch of Ağırtmış."
-Pilot Gallery

Born in Izmir, 1995
Lives in Istanbul


Işılay Saygın Fine Arts Highschool, Department of Painting

Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design

Solo Show:

2023: "Square", Pilot Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey


Selected Group Shows:

2015: 22nd International Izmir/European Jazz Festival Poster Selection, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center, Izmir, Turkey

2018: "Sunday Morning", Galerist Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2018: "O Eski Guzel, Kotu Gunler", Kova Art Space, Ankara, Turkey

2019: "Lost and not Found", Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands


2019: "Lost on the Highway", Soho House, Istanbul, Turkey

2020: "Pulse", Fam, Circle Space, Istanbul, Turkey

2021: "Editions" pop-up, Borderless, Oktem Aykut Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2022: "Editions" pop-up, Borderless, Sanatorium Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2023: "Editions" pop-up, Borderless, İmalat-hane, Bursa, Turkey

2023: "KarmaComa" Anna Laudel Gallery, Zai Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey

2023: "Editions" pop-up, Borderless, Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2024: "Editions" pop-up, Borderless, Galeri Nev, Ankara, Turkey

2024: (Upcoming) Toyart, Istanbul Toy Museum, Istanbul, Turkey


2022: Artweeks Akaretler 2022, Pilot Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2022: 17th. Contemporary Istanbul, Pilot Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2023: 18th. Contemporary Istanbul, Pilot Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2024: Art show, Pilot Gallery, Ritz Carlton, Istanbul, Turkey


2022: MissRead: The Berlin Art Book Festival & Fair, Borderless "Editions", Berlin, Germany

2022: WOW, World of Women Fest/British Council, Borderless “Editions”, Muze Gazhane, Istanbul, Turkey

2022: Borderless Artbook Days, Borderless "Editions", Arter Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

2022: Borderless Artbook Days, Borderless "Editions", Arter Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

2024: (Upcoming) Borderless Artbook Days, Borderless "Editions", Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey


2018: MediaCat magazine: Interview

2018: Tasarlayanlar online art platform, Interview

2019: Elele magazine: “Generation Z”, Interview


2020: Mercado online art platform: “Diyalog”, Interview

2020: InBetween online design platform: “Spotlight”, Interview+Podcast

2021: Gerekeniyap, Interview

2022: Bant Mag: "3 soruda", Interview

2022: Based Istanbul Welcomes: Ece Agırtmıs

2022: Good People of Vitruta: Ece Agırtmıs, Interview

2023: Mercado "Diyalog" #8, Interview

2023: Yakın sanat: Ece Agırtmıs, Interview

2023: Shopigo Art, Interview no: 26, Ece Agırtmıs

2023: 212 Studio, Artist Showcase

2023: Mercado x adidas originals, Lokal Baglar

2023: 20'lik, Alıp Basını gidenler #45: Ece Agırtmıs ile Cocuk Oyuncagı Isler



2018: MediaCat Magazine

2019: Elele magazine, “Gen Z”, Issue: 6, June 2019

2022: Mercado, New generation design & art magazine, Issue: 3, 2022

2023: Sanat dunyamız, Culture & Art magazine, Yapı Kredi Publications, Issue: 193, March-April 2023

2023: Oksijen, Weekly newspaper, Issue: 104, 6-12 January 2023

2023: Cumhuriyet, Daily newspaper, Issue: 35531, 20 January 2023

2023: Mercado x adidas originals, Guclu Bag
lar, Issue: 8, 2023



2019: Crystal Apple Awards/Felis Awards: Egitim Reformu girisimi “Merak Edenler” Project, with Lokal Istanbul

2020: Crystal Apple Awards/Felis Awards: “Ozmoz” Online game exhibition, with Fam Hub

2023: Sabre Awards/Category Turkey: Algida Max Upcycling Project, with Onaranlar Kulubu

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