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"Square" solo show

Ece Ağırtmış's first solo show  "Square" will be opened at Pilot Gallery.
Dates: 12 Jan-25 Feb 2023


Pilot Gallery is happy to announce Ece Agırtmıs's first solo exhibition titled "Square", which will take place between January 12 - 25 February 2023. “Square” explores the colourful and energetic perspective of Agırtmıs through square-shaped sculptures and installations. Between the borders of the square, Agırtmıs ventures into revealing the visible and invisible boundaries that arise from the living itself. Through the use of square, Agırtmıs invites the audience to consider the boundaries that can both hinder and liberate us in different situations, whether in physical or psychological spaces.

Agırtmıs's artistic style in "Square" is a commentary on the relationship between individual agency and external constraints. Through the use of vibrant and expressive forms, Agırtmıs invites viewers to consider the idea of harnessing personal power to break free from limitations and borders to discover new possibilities. The complexity of this relationship is further explored through the sculptures and installations, which invite reflection on the influence of external boundaries on our sense of freedom. This reflection highlights the dual nature of freedom, as it can be both hopeful and unhopeful simultaneously. On the one hand, the works suggest the potential to overcome constraints and live more freely and on the other hand, they also expose the ways in which we may be restricted by these very same boundaries. Thus, Agırtmıs's work invites us to consider the dynamic interplay between individual agency and external constraints and how we can navigate and transcend these limitations and borders to live more freely.


You can reach updates and information about the show through the QR codes that will be located around Berlin, Amsterdam, and Istanbul.


Pilot Galeri, Siraselviler Caddesi. No:83/2

Visiting Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday between 12:00 a.m./ 6:00 p.m.

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